Registration will be held at the West Community Center from 11am to 12 NOON on Sunday. 

Registration fee is $20 per team. A maximum of 32 teams will be accepted. 

 Double Elimination Tournament. Teams will draw for table placement. Teams will be given 5 minutes to respond after first time name is called. If no response within 5 minutes, team will be disqualified and fee forfeited. 

Play starts after team numbers are assigned and rules reviewed.


A set of dominoes donated by American Domino Company will be awarded to the top 2 teams. 


1. Once tournament play starts, you cannot substitute players. No spectators in the playing area.

2. Players will draw for first shake, highest domino shakes and will be the last bidder.

Shakes, bids and play will rotate clockwise.

3. Scores are recorded in marks. “30” is the minimum first bid.

Bids [30, 31, 32, etc.] less than 42 [or 1 mark] will be recorded as 1 mark.

The last bidder must make a minimum “30” bid or “1 Mark”.

“2 Marks” can be bid if “ Marks” have not been previously bid. 

If bidding starts at “2” Marks, following bids may be “1” Mark above the previous bid.

Dominoes played in a “2” Mark or higher bid, will be stacked in the center of the table.

The first team to reach 7 marks: “A L L”, wins the game. 

4. “LOW” Hand bids are allowed and “LOW” bid must begin at 1 or 2 Marks. 

The non-playing partner will turn the played dominoes face down.

You do not declare “LOW” or “HIGH” until all bids are in.

Doubles are a suit of their own in “LOW” bid.

5. To play “Follow Me”, you must play the “Double Blank” first.

To play “Doubles are Trumps”, you must follow suit if you don’t have a double.

6. Bidding “SEVENS”, “SPLASH”, OR “PLUNGE”  is NOT allowed.

7. RENEGE: Players will lose the hand being played: [a] if you or your partner

overlooked a domino that should have been played, or [b] if you fail to follow suit. 

A domino laid is a domino played. If you expose a domino that cannot be played, a "RENEGE” is committed.

8. Talking while a game is in progress should be kept to a minimum. 

No coaching while bidding. No visible means of communication are allowed during play.

 10.  SHUFFLE:   Be reasonable;  Five [5] rotations of the dominoes should be sufficient.  After the contestant shuffles the dominoes, another contestant must refrain from adding another shuffle.   Adding another shuffle will result in the loss of a MARK  for that hand and the next contestant will shuffle for the next hand. 


It is suggested that the teams try to come to an agreement on minor mistakes, but if you cannot come to an agreement among players at your table, ask for a ruling from the judges who will be available. Judge ruling is final.

Thanks to our 42 Tournament Sponsors!