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Jodi Mikula Orchestra

  • Ken Mikula Lead cornet, tenor sax, baritone horn, trombone, vocals, Band Leader
  • Nick Mikula Second cornet, also sax, rhythm guitar, alto horn, vocals, Booking Manager
  • Andy Mikula Percussion, Band Manager
  • Mike Marek Electric bass, tuba, accordion
  • Janice Marek Piano
  • Joe Zetka Accordion, trumpet, tenor sax, clarinet, trombone, lead guitar, vocals 


Squeezebox with Ted Lange & Mollie B

 SQUEEZEBOX featuring Ted Lange & Mollie B is a collaboration of award winning musicians with extensive performance backgrounds, and is lead by 2 Time Grammy Nominee Ted Lange and National TV and recording star, Mollie B.   


Brave Combo

World's only Nuclear Polka band returning to Westfest for two shows!

New for 2019

Bolzen Beer Band

From the heartland of America, Bolzen Beer Band takes the traditional German sound and injects pure adrenaline to create insane punk polka that is taking the world over!  

More about their polka style:

  — "Bolzen Beer Band gets it! These lads, from the wind-swept plains of Nebraska, understand the power of polka and wield that power in their own unique, and pretty damn spectacular, way. Check them out ASAP and don't be surprised if you aren't quite sure what it is you're witnessing. I guarantee you won't be able to turn away and you'll find yourself digging the experience, if not dancing and screaming at the same time. These guys are not lazy and laid-back. But they are, magically, new and old, at the same time. Let's "kick-out-the-jams" polka!" -Grammy Award-winning Carl Finch, Brave Combo


Czech and Then Some




Melody 5


Czech Harvesters




Sunny Sauceda

Sauceda’s career started as a childhood star in San Antonio, recording his first vinyl 45  

as a young boy at the age of 5 with conjunto pioneer Joey Canelo Lopez. During a lifetime 

spent with music; first with his family then with successful groups and now as a solo artist, 

Sauceda’s songwriting, recordings and performances have been enjoyed by fans around the world. 

As the front man for Grupo Vida, and as the creator of the Eddie Gonzales sound his stage 

presence has influenced decades of up and coming performers across the globe. Sunny is the recipient of 7 GRAMMY nods, 3 GRAMMY wins, 22 Tejano Music Awards, Pura Vida Award recipient, 2017 Tejano Roots Hall of Famer amongst several honors. 

Sunny Sauceda is the considered the most energetic accordionist on the planet, with a sultry voice and a dynamic show that is cross-generational. 

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